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I want to extend my gratitude to every individual that is or has been a part of this incredible team. I cannot imagine a better group of people to dedicate my collegiate rowing years to. Every coach, coxswain, and rower that I have met through this club I will hold very dearly to my heart. To every pair partner that helped with an oarlock - to every coxswain that aided through an erg piece - to every coach that gave advice - to every parent that helped with the food tent or cheered from the shore - this would not have been possible without you. 
Thank you.
You all have given me tremendous amounts of support - enough to lead me through every step of my own journey to success. This is one thing I wish all present and future members of this team get to experience. I hope that this unwavering sense of family persists for generations to come.
Next, I would like to thank every member of the committee, past or present. You have been some of the best leaders, guides, and mentors that I have had the pleasure of working with. Your dedication and commitment to the team has been extraordinary in all cases, and I can only hope that the future generations of committee members are as determined and exceptional as you all have been.
I want to thank my family - you have been my number one fans since I first sat down in a viking rowing shell, and your never ending love and support carried me through some of the toughest races.
Finally, I want to give very special thanks to Sean Norton, Evan Marod, and Jake Lingo. Not only for the best of laughs on Saturday morning rows, but for being the best and most supportive roommates anyone could have asked for on the days when it wasn't so easy. I couldn't have made it through those four years without you.
If you have stumbled onto this part of our website and have doubts about joining the team, I hope this helps - although the 5am practices and long erg workouts sound grueling, this team is much more than an athletic collegiate club. Chances are high that you will find yourself amidst some of the best people you'll ever meet, and learn more about life and yourself than you think you can. It is a group of very hard working and dedicated individuals that you may one day call family. I strongly urge you to try it, even for a day. You may be lucky enough to find what I did, and I can guarantee that you won't regret it.
Some of the best memories I have ever made were through this team. Yes, the 2Ks were hard, and seat racing was frustrating at times, but I would do it all again in a heartbeat.
Keep up the hard work lads.
David <3

WWU Men's Rowing 2022


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